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If you’ve ever bought anything online, there’s a good chance you’ve used Stripe…even if you’ve never heard of them.

A leader in online payment processing technology, Stripe’s website is geared towards helping their target market (developers) solve complex problems using its infrastructure. With interactive code editing, comprehensive, easy-to-read documentation, and swift navigation, this company instills confidence that if their support is this good – the product must be that much better.

Small businesses, take a lesson: by being radically focused on helpfulness, you can dramatically increase conversions, build customer loyalty, and create a strategic ‘moat’ around your business. For my part, when it comes to payment processors, there’s Stripe…and then everyone else.

What we like about this

The website is clearly focused on their target market (developers).

The documentation is comprehensive, clear, and, best of all, interactive. This allows a developer to kick the tires before trying it out.

Overall, the design is sleek, colorful, and clean…without being whimsical. They do not a nice job of straddling the line between being contemporary and professional – without the frills.

Calls to action throughout the website are big, clear, and accessible to their target market.

There’s a lot to learn from their user experience/architecture.

Suggestions we might make

This isn’t really a ‘con,’ because it could be part of their strategy, but some of the secondary product pages don’t have a lot of information. It’s clear they want you to reach out to get access. That’s likely because the offerings are limited or in beta, but if you’re pursuing a similar strategy, be aware that it can get people ‘on the fence’ to end up simply bouncing.

The blog is also kind of boring – not because it’s not valuable, but the layout for the blog isn’t particularly engaging or compelling. Some bolder, perhaps serifed fonts, and larger font-sizes could be nice.

Still, it’s a really wonderful site, which is why it’s in this file.


  • Mobile-friendly
  • "Clean" design
  • Clear "Calls to Action" for enhanced conversion
  • Good typographical contrast
  • Modern, elegant design
  • Modern, Professional design
  • Integrate with your system(s) of choice!


  • Dynamic tabs with interactive code editor
  • Light, poignant animations
  • Excellent documentation

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