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This is a social media engagement company for businesses that allow TVs to become engagement platforms. Their success put them at #174 on the INC list in 2019.

What we like about this

Overall, this is a really great website. Right off the bat, the website loads really quickly, which is great. There’s not a of images, just nice typography, which helps with load time. The fonts also help grab your attention. The organization of the website is great and makes it very clear who they’re trying to target. By organizing it by industry it makes it easy for visitors and potential clients to know exactly where to go.

Suggestions we might make

There are a few spots where the site get a little crowded and begins to slow down. You have really great, easy to read headlines and then the paragraphs are small. This could be improved by making the fonts bigger by a couple of pixels. There are certain sections of the site that seem newer and have some broken links so there need to be some tweaks there.


  • Mobile-friendly
  • "Clean" design
  • Clear "Calls to Action" for enhanced conversion
  • Good typographical contrast
  • Bold, engaging design
  • Modern, Professional design
  • Integrate with your system(s) of choice!


  • They use a lot of animation, which captures attention and focuses it (maybe too much animation?)
  • They have demos of different lengths, for user convenience
  • A quiz that leads a visitor through the funnel
  • Good use of color

Design Details

Everything on this site can be tweaked, updated, augmented, or reduced to meet your requirements. This information is only intended to help inform your aesthetic.

  • Header Font: CircularStd-Medium, 700
  • Body Font: CircularStd-Book, 400

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