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Facebook ad example - Shopify: how it works

Shopify Facebook Ad

This Facebook ad is a friendly, engaging, high-energy ad designed to show a prospective customer how easy it is to get started with Shopify. The thumbnail is clever because real of pictures tend to do well on Facebook and the captions make it possible for someone scrolling their feed to get the gist without needing …

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Facebook Video Ad Example - Taboola

Taboola Facebook Video Ad

If you’ve ever been reading on the web and seen one of those “Other Articles from Around the Web” sections after the article, then you’ve probably seen a Taboola ad. Here, Taboola is extending it’s audience on Facebook by pitching why the Taboola platform is an effective tool for content-creating businesses. The ad is clean, …

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Facebook Video Ad Example - Squarespace

Squarespace Facebook Ad

Squarespace is a great website building tool for startups, creators, and artistic solopreneurs looking to get something up quickly that looks good and is affordable. This video ad is great for a few reasons: It’s visually engaging It sells ‘the vision’ of the tool Its ‘artistic flair’ is appealing to the audience they’re reaching out …

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