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Shopify Facebook Ad

This Facebook ad is a friendly, engaging, high-energy ad designed to show a prospective customer how easy it is to get started with Shopify.

The thumbnail is clever because real of pictures tend to do well on Facebook and the captions make it possible for someone scrolling their feed to get the gist without needing to have the audio on. This is great because sound is off, by default.

The meat of the ad is a well-produced high-level walk through of Shopify’s e-commerce platform, inspiring people ‘who have had an idea, but no idea how to get started’ to sign up for a free trial. The ad highlights Shopify’s ease of use, as well as how you can build the business of your dreams on the platform.


  • Mobile-friendly
  • "Clean" design
  • Clear "Calls to Action" for enhanced conversion
  • Augment with Video


  • High-energy
  • Friendly & fun
  • High-level product demo