DATE: 18.December.2018

CLIENT: AF, International Company

PROJECT TYPE: Constrution, Interior Design, Industrial

CONTRACTOR: Stractura Construction

Montpointe Skyline Building

Construction management plan to help you reach and exceed your project goals. We work as an extension of your staff and hold ourselves personally accountable to every aspect of your project as we implement the latest cutting-edge methods to manage your initiatives.

The architect usually begins to work when the site and the type and cost of a building have been determined.

The site involves the varying behaviour of the natural environment that must be adjusted to the unvarying physical needs of human beings; the type is the generalized form established by society that must be adjusted to the special use for which the building is required; the cost implies the economics of land, labour, and materials that must be adjusted to suit a particular sum.force each other: socio-cultural value, experiental value, building-technical value and economical value.

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