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Inspiration & starting points for your next website page or digital project.

About this website

Originally designed to help artisans sell their craftwork, this website can be modified to help any e-commerce company sell visually engaging products to customers. Extend it by integrating with an email marketing provider or shipping provider like ShipStation. Talk to The Pros to get started!


  • Mobile-friendly
  • "Clean" design
  • Clear "Calls to Action" for enhanced conversion
  • Good typographical contrast
  • Bold, artistic design
  • Visual testimonials
  • Gallery for showing off your pictures!
  • Dynamic filtering & search
  • E-Commerce
  • Integrate with your system(s) of choice!

Design Details

Everything on this site can be tweaked, updated, augmented, or reduced to meet your requirements. This information is only intended to help inform your aesthetic.

  • Header Font: Playfair Display, 400
  • Body Font: Poppins, 400
  • Primary Care: Blue, #0eb2e7