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What we like about this

Slack is one of the fastest growing software companies on the planet. While they have a great product that streamlines communication for anyone trying to work together, their website works just has hard to promote their good work.

Suggestions we might make

This is a really well-crafted website by a company dedicated to good user experience. It’s hard to find anything about the site to criticize.


  • Mobile-friendly
  • "Clean" design
  • Clear "Calls to Action" for enhanced conversion
  • Good typographical contrast
  • Bold, engaging design
  • Bold, artistic design
  • Modern, Professional design
  • Custom icons
  • Integrate with your system(s) of choice!


  • This site loads really fast
  • They have great social proof, including pictures of real people & customers
  • Multiple resources for different parts of the buyer’s journey
  • Great chatbot
  • Active content producers

Design Details

Everything on this site can be tweaked, updated, augmented, or reduced to meet your requirements. This information is only intended to help inform your aesthetic.

  • Header Font: Slack-Larsseit,"Helvetica Neue",Helvetica,"Segoe UI",Tahoma,Arial,sans-serif
  • Body Font: Slack-Circular-Pro,"Helvetica Neue",Helvetica,"Segoe UI",Tahoma,Arial,sans-serif

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